Table 3

Resolution of infection with HPV 16 and related types at baseline and CMI response to HPV 16 E7 peptide 105: time-dependent Cox regression analysis stratified by HPV types at baselinea

HPV types at baselinebAdjusted RRc (95% CI)P
HPV 16 or related (31/33/35/52/58) (n, 37)2.81 (0.70–11.3)0.145
Others (n, 53)3.15 (1.22–8.11)0.017
  • a Only women who were HPV DNA positive at baseline are included here.

  • b Some patients with untypable HPV DNA in entry CVL are included here, and, therefore, the numbers presented do not include all of the 114 subjects whose samples were HPV positive at baseline.

  • c RR, relative risks were adjusted for ethnicity as well as cigarette smoking status and the number of HPV types detected at baseline.