Table 2

Resolution of HPV infection at baseline and CMI responses to HPV 16 E6 and E7 peptides: time-dependent Cox regression analysis

HPV 16 peptidesPositive CMI responses to specific peptidesAdjusted RR (95% CI) for HPV resolutionP
1052.36 (1.07–5.19)0.033
Any E7 peptide(s)1.17 (0.67–2.04)0.587
3701.06 (0.31–3.56)0.929
373/3771.27 (0.61–2.63)0.527
Any E6 peptide(s)0.88 (0.52–1.49)0.639
  • a RR, relative risks were adjusted for ethnicity as well as cigarette smoking status, HPV types, and number of HPV types infected at baseline.