Table 3

HPV16 seroconversion among female students with incident infection by HPV16 PL or NPL variantsa

Infected with HPV16 PL variants (n = 46)Infected with HPV16 NPL variants (n = 13)
Total no. (%) seroconverted30 (65.2)8 (61.5)
No. (%) seroconverted within the first 6 monthsb8 (20.0)4 (33.3)
Median months (95% CI) to seroconversion8.2 (5.9–10.5)6.2 (2.1–10.3)
  • a Excluding three women who did not provide any samples for serology at the time of initial HPV16 detection and thereafter.

  • b Excluding seven women, one with NPL and six with PL variants, who had a length of follow-up of <6 months after the first detection of HPV16 DNA.