Table 2

RRs for incident SIL detected by cytology and for incident biopsy-confirmed CIN grade 2–3 in relation to HPV16 variants among female students with incident HPV16 infection

No. with SIL/no. at riskaCrude RR (95% CI)Adjusted RRb (95% CI)No. with CIN 2–3/No. at riskCrude RR (95% CI)Adjusted RRb (95% CI)
HPV16 PL variants21/471.01.06/481.01.0
HPV16 NPL variants7/131.2 (0.5–2.8)1.0 (0.4–2.4)6/143.5 (1.1–10.9)3.5 (1.0–11.8)
  • a Excluding two women who had low-grade SIL at both the initial HPV16-positive visit and the previous visit.

  • b Adjusting for ethnicity and current use of hormonal contraceptives.