Table 3

Covariates for regressions

A. Study level characteristics
 Random intervention group assignment (Yes or No)
 Unit of assignment (individual women, Yes or No)
 Theory based (Yes or No)
 Prepost (Yes or No)
 Active control group (Yes or No)
Time frame
 Start year
 Data collection year
 Year of publication
 Number of months for the outcome
B. Population groups
% non-Caucasian
% older women
% low income
>40% non-Caucasian
>40% women with low income
C. Intervention characteristics
Intervention type
 Access enhancing
 Individual directed
 System directed
 Community education
 Media campaign
 Social network
 Health care
Method of delivery
 Face to face
 Face to face or phone
Multiple intervention types
Multiple strategies reported by author