Table 3

RRs and 95% CIs for stomach cancer mortality associated with combinations of regular use of vitamin C, vitamin E, and multivitamin supplements at cohort enrollment,a men and women combined, CPS-II, 1982–1998

Stomach cancer deathsParticipantsRR (95% CI)
No use1,068596,9271.00 (ref)
Vitamin C only3024,6440.72 (0.50–1.03)
Vitamin E only2211,7031.07 (0.70–1.63)
Multivitamin only152106,3670.94 (0.79–1.12)
Vitamin C and vitamin E5324,8311.23 (0.93–1.62)
Vitamin C and multivitamin3629,4340.90 (0.65–1.26)
Multivitamin and vitamin E1411,7470.78 (0.46–1.32)
Vitamin C, vitamin E, and multivitamin3535,9160.68 (0.48–0.95)
  • a Regular vitamin use defined as 15 or more times per month. Irregular users of vitamin C, vitamin E, or multivitamins excluded. RRs adjusted for age, sex, race, education, smoking, consumption of vegetables, citrus fruits/juices and high-fiber grains, and aspirin use.