Table 2

Descriptive statistics for knowledge measure

True or false questions% of participants responding correctly (95% CI)
Women in general publicWomen with breast cancer
1. A father can pass down a breast cancer gene to his daughters (T).37.7 (34.3–41.2)36.9 (31.0–42.8)
2. Breast cancer genes cause about one-half of all breast cancers (F).22.4 (19.4–25.4)33.8 (28.1–39.6)
3. A woman who does not have a breast cancer gene can still get breast cancer (T).89.8 (87.6–92.0)86.9 (82.8–91.0)
4. About 1 in 10 women has a breast cancer gene (F).13.5 (11.1–15.9)18.5 (13.8–23.2)
5. All women who have a breast cancer gene will get breast cancer (F).87.8 (85.5–90.1)85.4 (81.1–90.0)
6. A woman who has a sister with a breast cancer gene has a 50% chance of having the gene herself (T).82.0 (79.3–84.7)83.5 (79.0–88.0)
7. There are tests currently available to detect breast cancer genes (T).75.3 (72.2–78.4)78.5 (73.5–83.5)
MeanSD95% CIMeanSD95% CI
Mean summated knowledge score (range, 0–7)––4.4