Table 1

Demographic characteristics of the study samples

CharacteristicsStudy samples
General public without breast cancer (n = 756)Women diagnosed with breast cancer (n = 260)
n%a95% CIn%a95% CI
Age (yr)
Total household income
 Paid work46561.558.0–65.08633.029.6–36.4
 No paid work21428.425.2–31.64015.512.9–18.1
Geographic location
Family history of breast cancer
 At least 1 first- or second-degree relative17624.021.0–27.010239.836.3–43.3
MeanSDMean95% CIMeanSD95% CI
Mean age45.615.644.5–46.762.112.560.6–63.6
Mean number of years of education14.63.014.4–14.813.83.213.4–14.2
  • a Percentages are based on responses and do not incorporate missing data.

  • b Multiple responses for occupation causes the sum for the “percentage of cases” to be >100. “Unemployed” refers to those without paid work who are currently seeking employment. No paid work includes those who are homemakers, caring for family, volunteering, attending school, disabled, or on maternity leave.