Table 4

Adjusted changes in F2-isoprostane levels by treatment group and by BMI levela

Vitamin CMixturePlacebo
High BMI−28.83b−7.45c13.00
Low BMI−3.143.77−6.69
  • a Adjusted for baseline F2-isoprostane levels. Data are in pmol/liter. Covariates were examined, and none were found to alter the results (see text). One subject in the mixture group was an influential data point by regression diagnostics and was removed to satisfy model assumptions. The apparent increase in the placebo group is a result of the ANACOVA adjustment for baseline levels, which were significantly higher in the placebo group (Table 3)<$REFLINK> . Comparisons other than those in b and c, P > 0.4.

  • b P = 0.001.

  • c P = 0.14 for comparison with change in the placebo group.