Table 1

Previous studies on the association between NSAID use and breast cancer

StudyTypeCasesPopulationRR95% CIContrastaAdjustment
Schreinemachers, et al. (21) (NHANES)Cohort14712,6880.700.50–0.96Any use of aspirin in last 30 daysAge
Thun, et al. (17) (ACS)Cohort (mortality)Not given638,0310.980.76–1.261–15 aspirin per monthAge
0.880.62–1.2416+ aspirin per monthAge
Harris, et al. (20)Cohort39332,5050.570.44–0.744+ aspirin/NSAIDs per weekMultivariate
0.640.45–0.904+ aspirin per weekMultivariate
0.490.30–0.804+ ibuprofen per weekMultivariate
Paganini-Hill, et al. (16)Cohort2148,8810.96nonsignificantDaily aspirin useAge
Egan, et al. (15) (Nurses Health Study)Cohort241489,5281.030.95–1.122+ aspirin per weekMultivariate
Harris, et al. (5)Case control3039060.640.47–0.893+ aspirin/NSAIDs per week for 1+ yrsMultivariate
0.600.37–0.967+ aspirin/NSAIDs per week for 5+ yrsMultivariate
Harris, et al. (23)Case control5111,5340.660.52–0.833+ aspirin/NSAIDs per week for 1+ yrsMultivariate
Harris, et al. (24)Case control7447670.630.46–0.875+ aspirin/NSAIDs useMultivariate
Coogan, et al. (22)Case control65583,2960.800.7–1.0Cancer controls, aspirin/NSAIDs regular use 1+ yrsMultivariate
2,9250.700.6–0.9Noncancer controls, aspirin/NSAIDs regular useMultivariate
Rosenberg (18)Case control44851,1810.900.6–1.2Cancer controls, aspirin/NSAIDs generallyMultivariate
4,9060.800.6–1.0Noncancer controls, aspirin/NSAIDs generallyMultivariate
Langman, et al. (19)Case control31059,2721.120.90–1.40≥7 NSAID prescriptions 25–36 months before dxAge, gender
  • a Reference group for RR estimates was nonuse.