Table 2

ORs (95% CI) of lung cancer in relation to MPO genotype by pack-years of smoking, GSTM1 genotype, and CYP1A1 MspI genotype

MPO genotype
G/GG/A or A/A
Pack-years of smoking < 35
 ORa (95% CI)1b0.49 (0.22–1.07)
Pack-years of smoking ≥ 35
 ORa (95% CI)1b0.57 (0.26–1.12)
GSTM1 positive
 ORa (95% CI)1b0.46 (0.21–0.99)
GSTM1 null
 ORa (95% CI)1b0.57 (0.28–1.16)
 ORa (95% CI)1b0.56 (0.31–1.00)
CYP1A1*1/*2A or *2A/*2A
 ORa (95% CI)1b0.34 (0.10–1.11)
  • a Adjusted for sex, age, smoking, and occupational exposures. Data on smoking are missing for four cases and three controls.

  • b Reference category.