Table 2

Epidemiological studies of DNA repair polymorphisms and risk of various cancers

CancerReferenceLocationPopulationCases (n)Controls (n)Matching variablesGenes studied
Adult gliomaChen et al. 2000 (27)USAaPopulation-based159122Age, sex, ethnicity ERCC1
Bladder cancerMatullo et al. 2001b (28)ItalyHospital, males12437 urologyNone XRCC1, XPD, XRCC3
47 non-urology
Stern et al. 2001 (29)USAHospital, Af Amer, Cauc235213Age, sex, race XRCC1
Breast cancerHealey et al. 2000 (30) , Series 1UKHospital cases, population controls234266None BRCA2
Healey et al. 2000 (30) , Series 2UKPopulation-based16671201None BRCA2
Healey et al. 2000 (30) , Series 3UKPopulation-based450228Age, family doctor BRCA2
Healey et al. 2000 (30) , Series 4GermanyPopulation-based659659Age, sex, residence BRCA2
Healey et al. 2000 (30) , Series 5FinlandPopulation-based449449Age, sex, residence BRCA2
Duell et al. 2001 (31)USAPopulation-based, Af Amer, Cauc253 Af-Amer266 Af-AmerAge, race XRCC1
386 Cauc381 Cauc
Spurdle et al. 2002 (32)AustraliaPopulation-based, <60 yr1397775Age BRCA2
Esophageal cancer, squamous cellLee et al. 2001 (33)TaiwanHospital105264Age, sex, race XRCC1
Xing et al. 2001 (34)ChinaHospital, cancer screening196201Age, sex OGG1
Lung cancerSugimura et al. 1999 (35)JapanHospital, males241197None OGG1
Wikman et al. 2000 (36)GermanHospital, heavy-smoking population105105Age, race, smoking OGG1
Butkiewicz et al. 2001 (37)PolandHospital, males9696Age, sex, smoking, occupational exposures XRCC1, XPD, XRCC3
Ratnasinghe et al. 2001 (38)ChinaNested case-control mining cohort108216Age, sex XRCC1
Divine et al. 2001 (39)USAPopulation-based Cauc (Hisp and non-Hisp)172143None XRCC1
David-Beabes et al. 2001 (40)USAHospital, Cauc, Af Amer331687Age, sex, ethnicity XPD, XRCC3
David-Beabes and London 2001 (41)USAHospital cases, population controls Cauc, Af Amer154 Af-Amer243 Af-AmerAge, sex, ethnicity XRCC1
180 Cauc461 Cauc
Zhou et al. 2002 (42)USAHospital, friend/non-blood relative controls, Cauc10921240None XPD
Park et al. 2002a (43)KoreaHospital, males250163Age XPD
Park et al. 2002b (44)KoreaHospital, males192 (111 squamous cell)135Age XRCC1
Hou et al. 2002 (45)SwedenHospital cases, population controls185162Age, sex, hospital catchment area, smoking XPD
Le Marchand et al. 2002 (46)USAPopulation-based, Cauc, Japanese, Hawaiian298405Age, sex, ethnicity OGG1
Prostate cancerXu et al. 2002 (47)USAHospital, Cauc245 nonfamilial cases222 unrelated controlsNone OGG1
159 familial cases
SCCHNSturgis et al. 1999 (48)USAHospital, HMO controls203424Age, sex, ethnicity XRCC1
Sturgis et al. 2000 (49)USAHospital, HMO controls,Non-Hisp Cauc189496Age, sex, ethnicity, smoking XPD
Shen et al. 2001 (50)USAHospital, HMO controls287311Age, sex, smoking XPC
Olshan et al. 2002 (51)USAHospital98161Age, sex XRCC1
Skin cancer, melanomaWinsey et al. 2000 (52)UKHospital, Cauc125 with high risk of relapse or metastasis211 cadaver renal transplant donorsNone XRCC1, XPD, XPF, ERCC1, XRCC3
Skin cancer, non-melanomaNelson et al. 2002 (53)USAPopulation-based, Cauc499 basal cell carcinoma431Age, sex XRCC1
246 squamous cell carcinoma
Vogel et al. 2001 (54)USAHospital, Cauc71 basal cell carcinoma118 w/mild skin disorderAge, sex XPD
Stomach cancerShen et al. 2000 (55)ChinaPopulation-based188166Age, sex XPC, XRCC1
Hanaoka et al. 2001 (56)BrazilHospital, Japanese, and non-Japanese living in Brazil96 Japanese192 JapaneseAge, sex, ethnicity, trimester of hospital admission OGG1
236 non-Japanese Brazilian236 non-Japanese Brazilian
  • a USA, United States; UK, United Kingdom; Af Amer, African American; Cauc, Caucasian; Hisp, Hispanic; w/, with; HMO, health maintenance organization.