Table 2

Regression analysis for Waf-1—p53 interaction for risk of breast cancer

Results of logistic regression model to evaluate potential associations between Waf-1 and p53 polymorphisms, race, menopause, and breast cancer risk. The likelihood ratio test was used to test each main effect term individually. Two-interactions for each pair of significant main effects were tested. All significant main effects and interactions were considered in a multivariable model to generate the ORs.

Population (n)Inherited putative “at risk” alleles
NoneWaf-1p53Waf-1 + p53
Caucasians (280)1.52 (0.48–3.90)1.10 (0.35–3.50)3.15 (1.14–8.89)2.30 (0.30–17.63)
African-Americans (102)1.02.32 (0.66–5.60)1.29 (0.54–3.10)2.99 (0.88–10.3)
Latinas (105)1.86 (0.63–5.47)2.22 (0.71–6.89)0.52 (0.12–2.16)0.62 (0.12–3.29)