Table 1

Univariate survival analyses of 103 SCLC patients

Cumulative survival from the diagnosis was computed using the product-limit method. The Wilcoxon test was used to compare the different groups.

Factor12-Month survival24-Month survivalP
WHO performance status
 Limited disease58%30%0.0091
 Extensive disease33%10%
S-bFGF at diagnosis
 <17 pg/ml49%20%0.013
 ≥17 pg/ml (the highest quartile)26%11%
Age at diagnosis (yrs)
 >58 (Median)37%14%
Stage & S-bFGF
 Limited-stage disease & <17 pg/ml59%31%0.0026
 Extensive-stage disease & ≥17 pg/ml16%5%