Table 1

Baseline cohort distribution by reported alcohol consumption (1989) among 77,323 women 25–45 years of age

Total n = Mean alcohol intakeAlcohol intake
None<5 g/day5–14.9 g/day≥15 g/day
01.75 g/day8.27 g/day24.88 g/day
Baseline covariates
 Age (mean yrs)34.333.933.734.7
 BMI (mean kg/m2)2524.123.123.4
 Age at menarche (mean yrs)12.412.412.512.5
 Parity (mean)
 Age at first birth (mean years for parous only)25.425.525.625.5
 Past OCa use (%)b67.967.967.670.8
 Current OC use (%)b10.816.219.918.4
 Family history of breast cancer (%)b4.
 Screening mammogram in last 2 years (%)b18.819.519.123.3
 Past smokers (%)b15.220.928.430.8
 Current smokers (%)b9.912.819.331.1
  • a OC, oral contraceptives.

  • b Percentage of column total.