Table 1

Summary of genes screened for variation

GeneAliasSamples screenedaGenomic sequencecDNA sequence
ADPRT PARP I AC04143 J03473
APEX APE1 I, II M92444 M80261
CDK4 II U37022 M14505
CDKN2A INK4; p16 II U12818–U12820 NM_000077
ERCC1 II M63796 M13194
ERCC2 XPD II L47234 X52221
ERCC3 XPB IV AC027142 M31899
ERCC4 XPF II L76568 NM_005236
ERCC5 XPG IV D16305 NM_000123
FANCG XRCC9 I AC004472 U70310
FEN1 III AC004770 L37374
LIG1 I AC011466 M36067
LIG3 I, III AC004223 U40671, X84740
MLH1 HNPCC III U40960TO–U40978 U07418
MRE11A I AP000786 NM_005590
MSH2 III U41206–U41221 U03911
MSH3 III D61397–D61419 U61981
MSH6 GTBP III AC006509 NM_000179
NBS1 I AF069291.1 NM_002485
NTHL1 NTH1 I AC005600 U79718
NUDT1 MTH1 I D38591 D16581
PCNA II J04718 M15796
POLB I, IIAH00541, and AF170802 NM_002690
POLD1 IAC020909, and CITB-E1_2545M3 M80397
POLD2 I AC006454 NM_006230
RAD23A HHR23A II AD0000092 NM_005053
RAD23B HHR23B IV AL137852 D21090
RAD50 III AC004042A U63139
RAD51 I AF165088–AF165094 D14134
RAD52 I AC004803 U27516
RAD54L I AL360086 NM_003579
XPA II AL442130, U16815 NM_000380
XPC IV AH009651 D21089
XRCC1 I, II L34079 M36089
XRCC2 III AC003109 Y08837
XRCC3 II AF037222 NM_005432
XRCC4 I AC034211, AC022416 NM_003401
  • a Sample sets are described in “Materials and Methods.”