Table 2

Association of total testosterone with age, ethnicity, BMI, and waist circumference; regression coefficients (β)a from Generalized Estimating Equations

VariableModel 1bModel 2bModel 3b
β (ng/ml)Pβ (ng/ml)Pβ (ng/ml)P
Visit age, per yr−0.05790.0013−0.05210.0024−0.04330.012
Black race0.07640.440.20590.0280.04930.62
Year 2 BMI, per 1 kg/m2−0.1091<0.00010.01190.65
Δ BMI, per 1 kg/m2−0.1766<0.0001−0.1087<0.0001
Year 2 waist circumference, per 1 cm−0.0544<0.0001
Δ waist circumference, per 1 cm−0.02780.0006
  • a Mean change in total testosterone corresponding to the indicated difference in the independent variable.

  • b Each of the models also included terms for secular changes in hormone levels between the Years 2 and 7, and the Years 2 and 10 examinations.