Table 4

XPD codon 751 polymorphism and NAT1/NAT2 polymorphisms, combined analysis

NAT1/NAT2 risk genotypeaXPD codon 751 genotypeWhitesBlacksWhites and blacks combined
CasesControlsORadjb95% CITest for interaction PCasesControlsORadjc95% CITest for interaction P
Lys/Lys + Lys/Gln1451411.20.6–2.2991.20.6–2.2
+Lys/Lys + Lys/Gln36182.31.0–5.20.49322.21.0–4.90.52
  • a NAT1*10/NAT2-slow combined genotype.

  • b Adjusted for age and sex.

  • c Adjusted for age, sex, and ethnicity.