Table 1

Accuracy of stating Gail score risk estimates and reactions toward the risk estimate(s) by experimental groupa

OutcomePointestimateRangeRange pluspoint estimates
Accuracy of estimate (% accurate)
 Point estimate90.797.7
 Upper bound estimate87.2100.0
 Lower bound estimate90.293.0
Reactions toward feedback (point estimate)
 Personal relevance3.533.51
 Expectations (%)
  As expected44.1945.24
Reactions toward feedback (lower bound estimate)
 Personal relevance3.343.51
 Expectations (%)
  As expected48.7855.81
Reactions toward feedback (higher bound estimate)
 Personal relevance3.313.51
 Expectations (%)
  As expected48.7247.62
  • a The scores range from 1 to 7 for all outcomes except to what extent the feedback was above, below, or as expected.