Table 3

Association between BsmI genotype and adenomatous polyps stratified by vitamin D and calcium intakea

bb (144/134)Bb (189/198)BB (60/74)
OR(95% CI)OR(95% CI)OR(95% CI)
Vitamin D intake (IU)
 Highest tertile1.00(ref)b0.81(0.45–1.44)1.24(0.53–2.31)
 Medium tertile1.16(0.62–2.17)0.94(0.42–2.13)0.63(0.22–1.80)
 Lowest tertile1.40(0.73–2.70)1.26(0.56–2.86)0.24(0.08–0.76)
P for interaction0.094
Calcium intake (mg)
 Highest tertile1.00(ref)0.67(0.38–1.19)0.91(0.44–1.89)
 Medium tertile0.76(0.40–1.46)1.50(0.66–3.40)1.18(0.41–3.40)
 Lowest tertile1.22(0.63–2.37)1.48(0.66–3.32)0.34(0.11–1.06)
P for interaction0.255
  • a Adjusted for age, gender, HRT, total caloric intake, BMI, and smoking.

  • b Reference category.