Table 1

Black tea polyphenol database based on the composition of commonly consumed black tea beverages in Arizona

No. of samplesAverage concentration (μg/ml)
Total flavonoidsTotal polyphenolsCatechinsTheaflavinsThearubigensGallic acidCaffeine
Regular hot black teaa
 Brewed for 1 min341764240037717145
 Brewed for 2–3 min6648997941354627244
 Brewed for ≥4 min36921064871558525215
Diluted hot black teab
 Brewed for 1 min2183282100173362
 Brewed for 2–3 min2222341150207479
 Brewed for ≥4 min23615552303388103
Iced black tea beverages
 Sun Tea538358947333321131
  • a One tea bag/cup or mug = 0.96 g of tea leaves/100 ml.

  • b One tea bag/2 cups or 2 mugs = 0.48 g of tea leaves/100 ml.