Table 3

Repeated measures analyses of the differences between males and females and the time trends for HCys, SAM, SAH, and SAM:SAH ratios over the experimental period

Difference between males and femalesaSlopeb
HCys2.08 ± 0.87c1.48 ± 0.34c
SAM0.65 ± 0.11c−0.19 ± 0.04c
SAH0.01 ± 0.03−0.04 ± 0.01c
SAM:SAH2.94 ± 0.81c−0.14 ± 0.19
  • a SAM, SAH, and HCys are expressed as the differences in μm concentration ± SE, and SAM:SAH ratios are expressed as the differences in values ± SE.

  • b Change in units/week ± SE.

  • c Significantly different from 0.