Table 2

Descriptive data and daily median (P25, P75) tea intake as estimated by the ATQ (ATQ1),a the AFFQ, and 4 days of FRs

Tea intake for consumer (ml/day)
% consuming n = 116bMedian (P25, P75)cMean (SD)rid
ATQ1a78.348.8 (24.0, 155.2)126.6 (154.8)
AFFQ87.944.1 (13.7, 129.7)111.8 (182.5)0.97
FRs69.488.8 (59.3, 118.4)101.1 (56.7)0.77
  • a ATQ1, first administration of the ATQ. P25, P75, 25th and 75th percentiles.

  • b Four subjects had incomplete food records (<4) and were excluded from the analysis.

  • c Two-sided Wilcoxon signed-rank test comparing intake (ml/day) based on AFFQ and FRs with that based on ATQ1 = no statistical significant difference.

  • d ri = intraclass correlation coefficient for log-transformed data.