Table 1

Adjusted odds of CMM by pigmentation characteristics

Pigmentation characteristicWithout CMM n = 271CMM n = 362ORa95% CI
Hair color
 Red or reddish-brown8(3)43(12)4.6(2.1–10.2)
P = 0.0002
Eye colorb
 Green, gray, or hazel64(24)104(29)1.8(1.2–2.7)
 Light or dark brown104(39)96(27)1.0
P = 0.01
Skin reaction to acute sunc
 Burn and blister26(10)49(14)1.5(0.88–2.6)
 Burn without blister100(37)136(38)1.2(0.87–1.8)
P = 0.11
Skin reaction to chronic sund
 No tan10(4)26(7)2.6(1.2–5.6)
 Light tan58(22)121(34)2.1(1.5–3.1)
 Medium or dark tan198(74)209(59)1.0
P = 0.0001
P = 0.0001
  • a Adjusted for age and total number of DN.

  • b Excludes six persons with missing data on eye color.

  • c Excludes two persons who responded “never exposed to strong sunlight.”

  • d Excludes eleven persons who responded “never had repeated exposure to sun.”