Table 3

Parameter estimates and Ps: Parameter estimates and Ps for all factors included in the best-fitting mixed linear model for log CA125 values

For factors containing possible values “None” and “Previous,” the parameter estimates equal the difference in log CA125 values for those with a previous history minus those with no history. For the race variable, the parameter estimate is the average difference in log CA125 between the factor (African, Asian, or Other) and Caucasian. Parameter estimates for all age variables represent the change in log CA125 variable for a unit increase. All of the age variables are standardized by subtracting the population mean.
VariableParameter estimateexp(β) P
Ovarian cyst−
Caffeine consumption−0.051.05<0.001
Age of menarche, 13.1 yr0.0091.01<0.001
Age of menopause, 48 yr0.0071.01<0.001
Age, 61.05 yr−0.0080.99<0.001
(Age, 61.05) × cancer−0.0070.990.02