Table 2

Lung cancer risk of VL versus other genotype groups

Cases (n = 974)Controls (n = 1142)Overall crude OR (95% CI)Overall adjusted OR (95% CI)a
All of the cases vs. controls
 VL vs. other genotypes combined140/834157/9851.05 (0.82–1.35)1.00 (0.74–1.34)
 VL vs. low140/264157/2930.99 (0.75–1.31)1.02 (0.72–1.42)
 VL vs. intermediate140/370157/4701.13 (0.87–1.48)1.06 (0.77–1.46)
 VL vs. high140/200157/2220.99 (0.74–1.33)0.86 (0.60–1.22)
Histological subtype-specific cases vs. controls (VL/other genotypes combined)b
 AC66/366157/9851.13 (0.83–1.55)0.96 (0.67–1.35)
 SCC25/197157/9850.80 (0.51–1.25)0.72 (0.42–1.24)
  • a Logistic regression model including the following variables: age, gender, SR-PY, smoking status (current smokers, ex-smokers, and nonsmokers), and years since smoking cessation.

  • b Other histological subtypes were not analyzed because of small sample size.