Table 2

ORs and 95% CIs for total mutagenic activity from meat, red meat, doneness of red meat, and HCAs in relation to risk of colorectal adenomas

Total mutagenic activity, meat, and HCAsORa (95% CI)PORa (95% CI) models include both meat or HCA and total mutagenic activityP
Total mutagenic activity (/1000 revertants colonies)1.11 (1.04–1.17)0.0005
Meat type
 (Total mutagenic activity)1.10 (1.04–1.17)0.001
 Red meat (/10 gm of meat)1.09 (1.02–1.18)0.021.06 (0.98–1.15)0.12
Red meat donenessb
 (Total mutagenic activity)1.08 (1.01–1.16)0.02
 Well/very well done (/10 gm of meat)1.29 (1.08–1.54)0.0051.10 (0.98–1.37)0.35
 (Total mutagenic activity)1.08 (0.99–1.17)0.08
 MeIQx (/10 ng)1.15 (1.05–1.25)0.0021.06 (0.94–1.20)0.35
 (Total mutagenic activity)1.10 (1.03–1.19)0.008
 PhIP (/10 ng)1.02 (1.00–1.04)0.021.00 (0.98–1.03)0.98
  • a All of the ORs and 95% CIs were estimated using continuous variables and were adjusted for age, gender, total caloric intake, fiber intake, reason for screening (routine or other), physical activity level, pack-years of cigarette smoking, use of NSAIDs, and white meat.

  • b The model used for “red meat doneness” also included the rare/medium red meat variable.