Table 1

Transformation of cryopreserved and freshly isolated lymphocytes by participant and sample processing characteristics

Freshly isolated lymphocytesCryopreserved lymphocytesP
Total no. of individuals421326
Age of participant (yrs)54.3 ± 0.652.6 ± 0.5<0.025
Age range (yrs)24–9124–73
Time in transit (days)1.97 ± 0.061.79 ± 0.06<0.05
Time in transit, range (days)1–61–6
Cryopreservation time before transformation (days)418 ± 6
Cryopreservation time before transformation, range (days)124–678
Time to successful transformation (days)35.2 ± 0.340.2 ± 0.8<0.0005
Time to successful transformation range (days)25–9128–200