Table 1

Age, sex, smoking habits, drug intake, and endoscopic findings for all patients, according to H. pylori status

All analyses are Fisher’s exact test except where indicated.
H. pylori positive (n = 85)H. pylori negative (n = 39) P
Mean age (SD), years51 (13)45 (12)0.02a
Sex, M:F (% male)47:38 (55%)25:14 (64%)0.4
Smokers (%)50250.02
NSAID (%)260.6
H2RAb (%)23280.6
PPI (%)600.3
Endoscopy (%)
  • a t test.

  • b H2RA, histamine receptor antagonist; PPI, proton pump inhibitor; PUD, peptic ulcer disease.

  • c Peptic ulcer disease versus all other diagnoses.