Table 6

RRs (95% CI) for prostate cancer mortality and height, adjusted for various risk factors, CPS-I 1959–1972, and CPS-II 1982–1996

 No. of deaths88248439425277113
 Age-standardized ratea32.537.739.040.740.451.4
 95% CI0.63–1.030.91–1.250.90–1.250.90–1.271.11–1.74
P = 0.002
 No. of deaths1333477071,03797632498
 Age-standardized ratea35.237.935.641.440.042.938.4
 95% CI0.83–1.250.84–1.090.99–1.260.93–1.200.96–1.300.82–1.29
P = 0.076
  • a For CPS-I this category is ≥73 inches.

  • b Rate/100,000.

  • c Adjusted for age at interview, race, BMI, smoking status, education, exercise, and family history of prostate cancer.