Table 3

Demographic characteristics of men by BMI at study entry, CPS-I and CPS-II

CovariateCPS-I BMI Age-adjusted percentageaCPS-II BMI Age-adjusted percentagea
BMI (<25.0) 172,497BMI (25.0–<30.0) 182,981BMI (>30.0) 26,160BMI (<25.0) 175,794BMI (25.0–<30.0) 215,977BMI (>30.0) 42,859
Family history of prostate cancer1.
Smoking status
 Ever, unknown status1.41.51.8
 Ever, pipe/cigar31.033.434.818.920.621.0
 <High school graduate42.441.951.713.415.421.2
 High school graduate18.818.416.918.120.422.0
 Some college18.118.316.
 ≥College graduate19.920.514.041.235.727.9
  • a Percentages are directly adjusted to the age distribution of CPS-I and CPS-II combined. Percentages may not add to 100% because of missing data.