Table 3

Risk of ACIS by sexual history; serology for HPV-16, HPV-18, and HSV-2 antibodies; history of genital warts; and smoking status

Cases (n = 150)Controls (n = 651)ORa95% CI
No. of partners
 2–44731.318128.31.81.0 –3.1
 5+8154.027643.21.81.1 –3.1
Age at first intercourse (yrs)
 18–193825.316726.11.50.9 –2.5
 <188053.424338.01.71.1 –2.8
Smoking history
 Ever7147.931247.90.90.6 –1.3
 Former3724.716725.71.00.6 –1.5
 Current3422.614522.30.80.5 –1.3
History of genital warts
 Ever2718.06510.01.50.9 –2.5
HSV-2 antibody
 Positive4029.614625.61.20.8 –1.9
HPV-16 antibody
 Positive3023.316630.00.70.5 –1.1
HPV-18 antibody
 Positive6651.213925.13.32.2 –4.9
  • a ORs are adjusted for age, except for those associated with a history of warts and smoking status, which are adjusted for age and number of partners.