Table 4

Stratified analyses of the association of SULT1A1 genotype and well-done meat intake with breast cancer risk among postmenopausal Iowa women

Meat doneness levelSULT1A1 genotypesP for trend test
A.No. of cases/controls
Mostly well done14/2917/3210/10
Consistently well donea25/4831/448/11
B.ORsb for genotypes
Rare/medium1.0 (reference)3.1 (1.2–8.1)5.1 (1.7–15.7)<0.01
Mostly well done1.0 (reference)1.1 (0.5–2.6)2.1 (0.7–6.3)0.27
Consistently well donea1.0 (reference)1.6 (0.8–3.2)1.6 (0.5–4.6)0.23
P for interaction, 0.40
ORsb for meat doneness level
Rare/medium1.0 (reference)1.0 (reference)1.0 (reference)
Mostly well done4.0 (1.4–11.1)1.4 (0.6–3.1)1.7 (0.5–6.1)
Consistently well donea3.6 (1.4–9.3)1.8 (0.9–3.8)1.0 (0.3–3.7)
Trend testsP = 0.01P = 0.10P = 0.98
  • a Including consistently well done or very well done.

  • b Adjusted for age, WHR, and number of live births.