Table 2

Literature review of the sensitivity and specificity of various screening tests for chronic atrophic gastritis, classified by diagnostic method

ReferenceSubjects (location)Screening testOutcomeOutcome prevalence (%)Diagnostic methodaSensitivity (%)Specificity (%)
Varis et al. (20)159 relatives of patients withPGI <20 μg/lAtrophy13.4NSb91.397.3
perniciousGastrin >100 ng/l82.697.3
(Finland)PGI <20 μg/l+ gastrin >100 ng/l82.6100
Samloff et al.170 relatives of patients withPGI <62 μg/l+ PGI/II <4.3AG (0)c13.5NS91.398.6
pernicious (Finland)PGI <62 μg/l+ PGI/II <4.3AG23.557.592.3
Kekki et al. (10)276 relatives of gastric cancerPGI <25 μg/lAG (1)2.7NS89.593.9
patientsPGI <30 μg/l89.591.5
424 matched controlsGastrin >200 ng/l31.695.9
73 relatives of patients withGastrin >100 ng/l57.990.2
pernicious anemia
Guarner et al.217 symptomatic patientsH. pylori (serology)Atrophy77.4dNS93.450
(29) 28 asymptomatic controlsH. pylori (pathology)72.7e92.321.1
Halissey et al. (8)432 dyspepsia patientsPGI <20 μg/lAG, IM, or polyp16.1NS698.6
26 asymptomatic controlsPGI <30 μg/l11.996
(United Kingdom)
Inoue et al. (7)200 endoscopy patientsPGI ≤30 μg/l+ PGI/II <2Atrophy58.5NS18.8100
(Japan)PGI ≤70 μg/l+ PGI/II ≤36592.8
PGI ≤40 μg/l+ PGI/II ≤2.582.174.7
H. pylori (serology)85.537.3
Faisal et al. (34)125 healthy adults ages ≥65 years (United States)H. pylori (serology)AG10.4PGI/PGII <2.9+ PGI <20 μg/l38.551.1
Borch et al. (6)179 patients with AGPGI <71.6 μg/lAtrophy78.2Whitehead96.686
29 gastric cancer patientsPGI/II <5.5Atrophy99.494
15 gastrectrectomy patientsPGI <71.6 μg/lAG (0)74.610086
50 normal controlsPGI/II <5.5AG (0)99.394
Sitas et al. (19)87 endoscopy patientsPGI/II <1.5AG (2)25.3Whitehead26.789.1
(United Kingdom)H. pylori (serology)86.778.3
H. pylori+ PCI/PCII <1.526.795.7
Zhang et al. (23)2646 healthy adults, ages 35–64PGI/II <5Atrophy8.2Chinese19.272.1
yearsH. pylori (serology)Assoc. of87.529.7
Hu et al. (35)161 H. pylori-positive non-ulcer dyspepsia patientsAge >40 yearsAtrophy59.6Sydney7572.3
Kuipers et al.58 H. pylori-positive patients withCagA (overall; serology)Atrophy44.8fSydney57.771.9
(13) follow-upCagA (at baseline)24.1g57.163.6
(the Neterlands)CagA (at follow-up)31.8h42.966.7
Asaka et al. (36)85 healthy adultsH. pylori (serology)Atrophy52.9Sydney9645
Knight et al. (11)6 workers with PGI <25 μg/lPGI <25 μg/lAtrophy17.6Sydney44.497.6
19 workers with PGI >150 μg/lH. pylori (serology)10059.5
34 matched controlsPGI <80 μg/l+ H. pylori88.992.3
(United Kingdom)PGI <80 μg/l+ H. pylori+ PGI/II <2.577.8100
Pilotto et al. (15)71 endoscopy patients age ≥60 yearsCagA (by PCR)Atrophy26.8Sydney78.957.7
  • a Method used to assess atrophy.

  • b NS, not stated; AG, atrophic gastritis; IM, intestinal metaplasia.

  • c Atrophic gastritis: 0, severe; 1, severe diffuse; 2, moderate chronic.

  • d Analysis with serology.

  • e Analysis with pathology.

  • f \

  • N

  • h Prevalence: overall; at baseline; at follow-up.