Table 3

Mean serum concentrations in 1974 and percentage differences of 1989 values from those of 1974 for specified micronutrients and for blood pressures among matched controls for breast, lung, and prostate cancer cases, Washington County, Maryland

Breast (n = 64)Lung (n = 30)Prostate (n = 166a)
1974% DifferencebP1974% DifferenceP1974% DifferenceP
Micronutrients (units)
Total carotenoids (μg/dl)105.4−4.60.3663.3−2.40.47
α-Carotene (μg/dl)4.5−
β-Carotene (μg/dl)19.8−25.5<0.0122.4−2.40.8411.4−5.30.51
Cryptoxanthin (μg/dl)13.2−1.40.899.4−
Lutein/zeaxanthin (μg/dl)27.5−7.00.2722.1−19.0<0.0114.8−12.2<0.01
Lycopene (μg/dl)40.8−14.80.1441.9−9.10.3340.117.2<0.01
α-Tocopherol (mg/dl)1.317.30.180.789.00.171.348.30.02
γ-Tocopherol (mg/dl)0.25−4.30.380.2620.6<0.01
Retinol (μg/dl)59.09.8<0.0167.94.00.01
Retinyl palmitate (μg/dl)12.8−49.1<0.0111.57.20.39
Blood pressure
Systolic (mm Hg)131.4−0.80.67139.20.10.95140.5−2.50.02
Diastolic (mm Hg)82.6−5.8<0.0184.9−5.9<0.0188.1−7.7<0.01
  • a n for α-carotene is 143, and n for retinyl palmitate is 140.

  • b % Difference of 1989 mean concentration from that of 1974.