Table 3

ICCs for midluteala PG and E2, measured by a single, LH-timed serum sample versus varying numbers of consecutive saliva samples

No. of consecutive daily samples
1357 (95% CI)b
Saliva PG
Reverse dating0.210.630.650.66 (0.20–0.89)
Urine LH0.730.830.680.73 (0.22–0.93)
Rise in salivary PG0.160.580.750.81 (0.42–0.95)
Serum progesteronec
Urine LH (95% CI)0.77 (0.41–0.92)
Saliva E2
Reverse dating0.270.350.530.67 (0.15–0.90)
Urine LH0.260.410.480.62 (0.03–0.90)
Rise in salivary PG0.230.320.600.69 (0.19–0.91)
Serum E2c
Urine LH (95% CI)0.81 (0.46–0.95)
  • a Midluteal day determined as midway between day 0 and end of menstrual cycle.

  • b CI = confidence interval.

  • c Based on single fasting blood sample obtained 7–8 days after urine LH peak.