Table 1

Comparisons of demographic, antecedent personal medical, general pesticide exposures and cigarette smoking history between cases of NHL and control subjects based on the postal questionnaire

NHL, n = 517Controls, n = 1506ORa (95% CI)
Age, yr
 Mean ± SD57.7 ± 1455.0 ± 16
Residence on a farm at any time
 No (reference)27954.082855.01.06 (0.86–1.20)
Pesticide exposure (screening question)
 <10 h/yr (reference)37973.3114275.8
 ≥10 h/yr13826.736424.21.22 (0.96–1.55)
Smoking History
 Nonsmoker (reference)16030.952634.9
 Ex-smoker25449.164843.01.10 (0.86–1.41)
 Current smoker9117.629819.80.98 (0.72–1.33)
Missing data122.3342.3
 Current or ex-smoker34566.794662.81.06 (0.86–1.20)
Medical Historyb
 Measles (yes)25148.588859.0 0.64 (0.51–0.79)
 Mumps (yes)19437.558839.0 0.75 (0.60–0.93)
 Previous cancer (yes)7314.1875.8 2.43 (1.71–3.44)
 Skin-prick allergy test346.619613.0 0.52 (0.34–0.76)
 Allergy desensitization shots (yes)183.51147.6 0.49 (0.29–0.83)
 Family history of cancer any first-  degree relative (yes)21942.449733.0 1.31 (1.05–1.62)
  • a OR stratified by age and by province of residence.

  • b Also tested and found to be unassociated: acne; asthma; celiac disease; chickenpox; diabetes; hay fever; mononucleosis; rheumatic fever; rheumatoid arthritis; ringworm; shingles; syphilis; tuberculosis; urinary tract infections; whooping cough; allergies; drug treatment for overactive thyroid; treatment for head lice, body lice, or scabies; medical implants; drug treatment for epilepsy; tonsillectomy; positive allergy prick skin test, patch skin test, or positive patch skin test for allergy.