Table 3

Joint association of MTHFR genotype and folate intake with the ORa for cervical SILs

Folate intakeb (μg)MTHFR CCMTHFR CT or TTPc for interaction
CasesControlsOR95% CICasesControlsOR95% CI
  • a After adjustment by unconditional multiple logistic regression for age, ethnicity, tobacco smoking (ever versus never), alcohol drinking (ever versus never), number of sexual partners before age 20 (continuous), and HPV detection by PCR dot-blot hybridization (yes versus no).

  • b Dietary nutrient intake from food and supplements was divided at the median into high and low consumption.

  • c Based on the likelihood ratio test comparing models with and without an interaction term between MTHFR genotype and folate intake (degrees of freedom, 1).

  • d Reference category.