Table 2

Age- and gender-adjusted ORs and 95% CI for colorectal adenomas of serum 25-(OH)D and calcium intake stratified by each other and by VDR FokI polymorphism

CasesControlsOR95% CIP for multiplicative interaction
Serum 25-(OH)D (per 10 ng/ml)a
 Overall2362180.740.60, 0.92
 Total calcium intakeb
  <Median821080.840.60, 1.17
  ≥Median621100.560.37, 0.850.13
 VDR FokI polymorphismc
  ff21160.960.40, 2.34
  Ff114950.640.45, 0.91
  FF71730.620.40, 0.970.50
Total calcium intake (per 100 mg/day)b
 Overalla1462280.970.93, 1.01
 Serum 25-(OH)Da
  ≤Median921091.000.95, 1.05
  >Median531090.930.86, 1.000.12
 VDR FokI polymorphismc
  ff12160.910.75, 1.10
  Ff70950.940.94, 1.01
  FF46731.010.93, 1.100.87
  • a Additionally adjusted for season when blood was drawn (summer/fall vs. winter/spring).

  • b Limited to cases without previous adenoma.

  • c Additionally adjusted for ethnicity (non-Hispanic Caucasian vs. other ethnicity).