Table 1

Studies considered for the pooled analysis (Caucasians only)

Author, year (ref.)Type of studyCountryNo. Cases with NAT2/ No. cases receivedNo. Published cases with NAT2/No. published casesNo. Controls with NAT2/No. controls receivedNo. Published controls with NAT2/No. published controls
Brockmoller et al. 1996 (13) aCase controlGermany427/428374/374394/402373/373 (hospital)
Risch et al. 1995 (14) aCase controlUK189/189189/18943/4359/59 (hospital)
Peluso et al. 1998, 2000 (15)Case controlItaly104/107114/114148/16346/46 (hospital)
Okkels et al. 1997 (16) aCase controlDenmark254/254254/254179/179242/242 (hospital)
Golka et al. 1997 (17)Case seriesGermany88/18288/17900
Daly (unpublished data)Case controlUK212/314UnpublishedNot availableUnpublished
Taylor et al. 1998 (18) aCase controlUS (white and black)Not available230/230Not available203/203 (hospital)
Schnakenberg et al. 1998 (19)Case controlGermanyNot available60/60Not available154/154 (healthy)
  • a Also included in Marcus et al. 2000 (Refs. 10 and 11 ).