Table 7

Metabolic gene allele frequencies as a function of source of control population (healthy community or hospital)

GeneRaceCommunity (n)Hospital (n)χ2Significance
GSTM1 a Caucasian0.520 (5294)0.546 (3206)5.64P = 0.018
GSTM1 African0.279 (262)0.254 (217)0.38NSb
GSTM1 Asian0.522 (1265)0.521 (165)0.002NS
GSTT1 Caucasian0.183 (2735)0.192 (2186)0.64NS
GSTT1a Asian0.519 (243)0.434 (332)4.05P = 0.04
CYP1A1*2A Caucasian0.0598 (1964)0.053 (1257)0.45NS
CYP1A1*2A African0.215 (386)0.246 (59)0.26NS
NAT2*5 Caucasian0.458 (2276)0.468 (971)0.22NS
CYP2E1*5A Caucasian0.0153 (328)0.0175 (343)0.006NS
  • a No significant difference when national origin was included with control source in multivariate analysis.

  • b NS, no significant difference between community and hospital controls.