Table 1.

Characteristics of parents (n = 484) and their daughters and parents' attitudes about HPV and HPV vaccine

Parent's sex
Parent's ethnicity or race/survey language
 African American/Englisha7315.1
 Other race/English173.5
Parent's age, y
Parent's marital status
Parent's education
 Did not enter high school23348.1
 Some high school or high school graduate15732.4
 Some college or greater9419.4
Daughter's age, y
HPV vaccine awareness and uptake
Have you ever heard of the HPV vaccine before today?
During the past year, has a doctor or other health care provider recommended that your daughter get the HPV vaccine?
Daughter vaccinated?/Intend to vaccinate in the next year?
 No, probably/definitely will not6514.0
 No, unsure if will6614.3
 No, probably/definitely will21847.1
 Yes, had at least 1 dose11424.6
Attitudes towards HPV vaccine
I believe the HPV vaccine works well
 Do not know20542.4
I think the HPV vaccine is unsafe
 Do not know19740.8
I do not have enough information about the HPV vaccine to decide whether to give it to my daughter
Without the HPV vaccine my daughter is at high risk for getting HPV some time in her life
 Do not know8417.4
My daughter is too young to get a vaccine for a sexually transmitted infection
If a teenage girl gets the HPV vaccine, she may be more likely to have sex
 Do not know316.4
The HPV vaccine is being pushed to make money for drug companies
 Do not know13427.8
The decision to give the HPV vaccine should be the parent's decision alone
The HPV vaccine is too new to have laws like this
 Do not know276.6
  • aNon-Hispanic; 2 respondents with a race/ethnicity of Hispanic/African American were included in the Hispanic category.