Table 4

ORs and corresponding 95% CIs for high-grade lesions (cases) associated with Nugent score in oncogenic HPV-infected women (Analysis 2)

Nugent scoreNCrudeAdjusteda
Cases/ControlsOR95% CIOR95% CI
0–3 (normal)33/4511
4–6 (reduced lactobacilli)4/110.500.15–1.70.440.11–1.7
7–10 (BV)20/290.940.46–1.90.840.37–1.6
PTrend = 0.80PTrend = 0.60
Unknown statusb38/730.710.42–1.20.690.40–1.2
  • a Adjusted for age, number of pregnancies, and number of cigarettes.

  • b Estimates for slides for which Nugent score could not be assessed when added to the model as a separate category of exposure.