Table 2

ORs and corresponding 95% CIs for HPV infection associated with Nugent score in women with low-grade lesions, or equivocal or no pathology (Analysis 1)

Nugent scoreNCrudeAdjusteda
0–3 (normal)60/3711
4–6 (reduced lactobacilli)14/90.960.38––2.7
7–10 (BV)41/320.790.43–1.50.740.39–1.4
PTrend = 0.46PTrend = 0.36
Unknown statusb105/521.30.73––2.2
  • a Adjusted for age at first intercourse and number of sexual partners.

  • b Estimates for slides for which Nugent score could not be assessed when added to the model as a separate category of exposure.