Table 1

Sociodemographics of women analyzed in Analysis 1 and Analysis 2

Cases are high-grade lesions (HSIL) or cancer.
Analysis 1Analysis 2aAnalysis 2a,c
HPVn = 130HPV+n = 220PControls n = 158Casesbn = 95PControls n = 85Casescn = 57P
Age at enrollment (yr)33.630.0<0.0129.432.2<0.0129.031.5<0.01
Education (yr)
Average no. of pregnancies3.
Age at first intercourse (yr)
Average no. of sex partners, lifetime3.33.30.993.
% oral contraceptive use95.488.60.2287.891.20.4184.587.70.59
% with yeast infection, ever36.940.00.5739.237.90.8340.038.60.87
% ever smoked10.06.80.675.718.9<0.015.924.6<0.01
  • a Restricted to women infected with oncogenic HPV types (see “Materials and Methods”).

  • b Includes nine cases who were HPV DNA-negative.

  • c Excluding those subjects without a BV assessment.