Table 1.

Cohort and case–control studies of women exposed occupationally or environmentally to asbestos that examine ovarian cancer mortality or incidence as an outcome

StudyAuthor (ref)Publication yearNumber of women exposedType of asbestos exposurePeriod of follow-upPeritoneal mesothelioma cases (n)Pleural mesothelioma cases (n)Ovarian cancer cases (n)SMR (95% CI)Ovarian cancers confirmed
Cohort studies
 Leyland gas mask workersAcheson et al. (25)1982757Crocidolite1951–1980215a (5)122.75 (1.42–4.81)No
 Blackburn gas mask workersAcheson et al. (25)1982570Chrysotile1951–198007a (1)51.48 (0.48–3.44)No
 Employees on central register, GermanyRosler et al. (32)1994616Chrysotile and crocidolite1977–19884921.09b (0.13–3.95)No
 Italian women compensated for asbestosisGermani et al. (27)1999631Chrysotile and crocidolite1980–1997121494.77 (2.18–9.06)No
 Population of Finnish female workersVasama- Neuvonen et al. (33)1999892,591 (born between 1906 and 1945)Not stated1971–1995N/AN/A5,072SIR = 1.3 (0.9–1.8)eYes
 East London asbestos factory workersBerry et al. (3)2000700Crocidolite and chrysotile1951–1980111492.53 (1.16–4.80)Yes— earlier report (13)
 Polish women diagnosed with asbestosisSzeszenia- Dabrowska et al. (24)2002490Not stated1970–199903d10.79No
 Turin asbestos textile factory workersMamo et al. (29)2004645Chrysotile1981–199501011.28 (0.02–7.12)No
 Polish asbestos cement products factory workersWilczynska et al. (34)20051,470Not stated1945–19990381.76 (0.76–3.47)No
63.76f (1.38–8.18)
 Italian asbestos textile workersPira et al. (30)20051,077Mixed with crocidolite1946–19969c11d52.61 (0.85–6.09)No
 Nottingham gas mask workersMcDonald et al. (12)20061,154Crocidolite1940–20021847101.8 (0.9–3.3)Yes– earlier report (14)
 Italian asbestos cement factory workersMagnani et al. (28)2007777Chrysotile and crocidolite1965–200316c39d92.27 (1.04–4.32)Yes
 Italian wives of asbestos factory workersFerrante et al. (26)20071,780Chrysotile and crocidolite1965–20033c21d111.42 (0.71–2.54)No
 Wittenoom womenReid et al. (31)20092,968Crocidolite1982–200614611SIR = 1.27 (0.52–2.02)Yes
Case–control studies
 Johns Hopkins Hospital patientsgRosenblatt et al. (36)199277 cases 46 controlsNot stated1981–1985N/AN/A691.3 (0.3–3.6) respiratory exposureYes
182.8 (0.9–8.8) relatives exposed to fibers
 Norwegian pulp and paper workers (nested case–control study)Langseth et al. (35)200446 cases 184 controlsNot stated1953–1999N/AN/A62.02 (0.72–5.66)Yes
  • aLung and pleural cancers combined (number of mesotheliomas listed on death certificates in this cohort).

  • bStandardized proportionate mortality ratio.

  • cPeritoneal cancers.

  • dPleural cancers.

  • eMedium/high exposure.

  • fAmong women who worked in asbestos yarn and cloth production areas (high exposure).

  • gFibers include asbestos, talc, and fiberglass.