Table 1.

Summary of 12 genome-wide significant serous EOC risk loci

LocusSNPChrPositionOR (95% CI)TF genes < 1 Mb away from SNP
2q31rs7118302177,037,3111.12 (1.08–1.15)HOXD1, HOXD3, HOXD4a, HOXD8a, HOXD9b, HOXD10, HOXD11b, HOXD12b, HOXD13b
3q25c3_pos1579170103157,917,0101.44 (1.35–1.54)SHOX2
4q32crs46911394165,908,7211.2 (1.17–1.38)
5p15rs1006969051,279,7901.09 (1.05–1.13)IRX4b
8q21rs11782652882,653,6441.19 (1.12–1.26)
8q24rs78149378129,541,4751.18 (1.13–1.24)MYC
9p22rs3814113916,915,0211.21 (1.17–1.25)
10p12rs70844541021,821,2741.1 (1.06–1.14)
17q12rs74057761736,093,0221.12 (1.08–1.17)HNF1Bb
17q21.31rs20776061743,529,2931.15 (1.12–1.19)
17q21.32rs72183451746,502,9171.12 (1.08–1.16)HOXB1b, HOXB2, HOXB3, HOXB4a, HOXB5, HOXB6, HOXB7, HOXB8b, HOXB9b, HOXB13b, SP2, SP6a, TBX21, NFE2L1
19p13rs81701917,389,7041.14 (1.09–1.17)KLF2b, NR2F6

Abbreviations: Chr, chromosome; CI, confidence intervals.

  • aTF gene was not represented in the TCGA dataset.

  • bTF gene excluded because it was the hub of a coexpression network with <15 or >500 genes.

  • cAssociated with serous EOC risk in BRCA1 mutation carriers only (7).