Table 2

Effects of residential air pollution, cigarette smoking exposure, and diet on O6-meG levels in maternal and cord blood DNA: Multiple linear regression model

Maternal blood adducts (nmol/mol G)Cord blood adducts (nmol/mol G)
β coefficientsSEPβ coefficientsSEP
Residence air pollution 1, low … 5, high−−
Passive smoking No, 0/Yes, 1−0.716.10.968.819.50.66
Active smoking No, 0/Yes, 127.434.30.442.441.50.96
Consumption of fruits or vegetables less than every day, 1/every day, 232.6230.1824.127.90.4
Consumption of fruit juices (portions/day) ≤1:1/2:2/≥2:3−−
Consumption of vitamin supplements No, 0/Yes, 1−26.514.30.08−26.317.30.15