Table 6.

Risk of lung cancer by exposure to construction industry and occupational exposure to silica

Any exposure to construction industryAny occupational exposure to silicaCa/CoOR (95% CI)*
NoYes155/1651.20 (0.91-1.59)
YesNo153/2300.70 (0.54-0.91)
YesYes257/2351.25 (0.99-1.58)
  • *Adjusted for several covariates determined a priori, including original study (i.e., study I or II), age, ethnicity, proxy respondent, education level, natural logarithm of median postal code region income, cigarette ever smoking, natural logarithm of cigarette-years, years since quitting smoking, and occupational exposure to respirable asbestos, benzo(a)pyrene, chromium VI, and diesel emissions.