Table 1.

Number of cases diagnosed with malignant cancers between ages 0 and 19 y by major cancer sites groupings from International Classification of Childhood Cancer and percent captured by the corresponding SEER site recode grouping, when it applies, SEER-9, 1975 to 2005

ICCC classification
SEER site recode
% of cases captured by SEER site recode
Cancer siteNo. casesCancer siteNo. cases
Leukemia (I)8,362Leukemia8,361100%
    Lymphoid leukemia (Ia)6,263ALL6,20799%
    Acute myeloid leukemia (Ib)1,494Acute myeloid leukemia1,34490%
Lymphoma (II)5,284Lymphoma5,14797%
    Hodgkin (IIa)2,887Hodgkin2,887100%
    Non–Hodgkin including Burkitt (IIb-c)2,090Non–Hodgkin2,082100%
Brain tumor/central nervous system (III)5,979Brain and ONS5,82697%
Neuroblastoma (IV)1,893
Retinoblastoma (V)688
Renal tumors (VI)1,479Kidney and renal pelvis1,474100%
Hepatic tumors (VII)389
Bone tumors (VIII)1,819Bone1,79799%
    Osteosarcomas (VIIIa)988
    Ewing tumors (VIIIc)628
Soft tissue tumor (XI)2,440Soft tissue and heart1,42058%
Germ cell (X)2,278
Carcinomas (XI)3,252
All cancer sites34,095All cancer sites34,095100%
  • NOTE: Only the first tumor per person is included.

    Abbreviation: ICCC, International Classification for Childhood Cancer.